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Kyrel’s Wugga-Wheels Wagon-Mobile
By K.D Patrick, Illustrations by Hugh Rookwood
Colors by Brenda Weeks

Kyrel was like any six year old boy who gets a Wugga-Wheels Wagon-Mobile for his birthday. He could not wait to suit up, jump in, drive it around as fast as it could go and maybe drive over a few things while he was at it. After all those big wheels were made for driving! Vroom… Vroom… away we go!

IMPRINT  Kool Press
ISBN        0-9734152-0-X
ON SALE  05.01.2007
AGES      3 to 7 
PRICE US $14.99    


FORMAT   Hardcover
ISBN 13   978-0-9734152-4-7
PAGES      20
SIZE         8.5 x 8.5
PRICE CAN $16.99
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