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Tiesha in The Land of Faraway
by K.D. Patrick, illustrated by Hugh Rookwood and Surge Chana

Machines have come to Faraway, and time is running out for the magical Land! Evil threatens to ravage the beautiful realm and slay its magical inhabitants. Only Tiesha, a human child, can save this ancient world and its fabulous civilizations. And so, eight-year-old Teisha embarks on her incredible journey to the land of Faraway. Aided only by a unicorn, a mischievous electric sprite and her own quick wits, she must seek out the Dragon King and master the magic that alone can save Faraway, its people and her new friends. But foes lurk everywhere, danger follows at her heels — and time is running out!

IMPRINT  Kool Press
ISBN        0-9734152-0-7
ON SALE  01.01.2007
AGES      8 to 10 
PRICE US $10.99             


FORMAT   Paperback
ISBN 13   978-0-9734152-0-9
PAGES      104
SIZE         5.5 x 8.5
PRICE CAN $13.99
[Faraway Storybook]
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