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About Us


“Delivering entertainment that delights the mind and tantalizes the senses.”


Kool Press publishes outstanding thematic children’s books for readers of all ages. We are dedicated to producing the highest-quality reading materials across a variety of subjects and age levels. Our goal is to create products that educate, entertain, and inspire young readers. The Kool Press logo is your trusted stamp of excellence, synonymous with quality, educational expertise, fun filled entertainment and value for money.

In 2005 Kool Press began its mission to produce a brand of the highest quality children's books, from picture books to graphic novels, with an emphasis on education through entertainment for kids of all ages. One of our first offering, “Tiesha in the Land of Faraway,” is a beautifully illustrated magical adventure storybook, a read alone for grades 3 and 5, and a read along for younger readers, focusing on promoting environmental and ecological awareness.

In the near future Kool Press will begin exploring beyond traditional children's stories by adding educational non-fiction to our list of publications with series focusing on ‘Nature', ‘Science and Technologies’ and ‘History.’

Kool Press is just getting started on our journey to provide you with a range of story, activity and concept books. Our goal, our creed: “Delivering entertainment that delights the mind and tantalizes the senses.”

Remember-- look for the Kool Press stamp of excellence.

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